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TrafficGuard is the only solution blocking fraud before it hits your mobile advertising budget.

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Agency account

In TrafficGuard agencies are first-class citizens.

Agency accounts allow agency teams to measure ad fraud across campaigns and measure invalid traffic (IVT) across website and apps on behalf of their clients.

Transparent and granular reporting

Manage all your clients and their campaigns, onboard new partners, and monitor performance from a single portal. Real-time reporting and transactional level detail available to agency accounts allows for complete control, giving you the confidence to make analytics and optimisation decisions that drive success for your clients.

Agency access

If you're an advertiser looking to provide access to your agency team TrafficGuard allows you to simply grant property level sharing.

Agencies will have the same transparent and granular reporting for all of their activity, however, any activity from direct partners will not be available to the agency.

Become a TrafficGuardian

Agencies can join the charge to combating mobile ad fraud and restoring the integrity of the mobile advertising ecosystem.

Benefits include:


TrafficGuard’s integrated agency list is available to advertisers looking for trusted services.


Advertisers can easily provide access to their properties without any delay.


Access to high quality and trusted supply sources.

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Agency account

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