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TrafficGuard is the only solution blocking fraud before it hits your mobile advertising budget.

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Dashboard and reports

Reports help build actional intelligence in addressing ad frauds and budget impact over time.

Reports on your whole organisation

View summary dashboards and detailed data on invalid, filtered and successful traffic.

TrafficGuard is your single source of truth, with reliable and consistent reporting between agency, the advertiser, and each of the supply sources who access reporting on their own traffic.

Granular Reporting

Manage all your campaigns and supply sources via one user-friendly portal.
TrafficGuard reports display data through to the Site ID level and enables you to plot the same for further comparison in the dashboard.

Transactional level detail can be exported giving you and your partners complete control and transparency.

Types of Transactions

TrafficGuard validates your data into three types of transactions. The reporting is split and displayed accordingly.

  • Invalid Data: All of your activity deemed as fraudulent or invalid by TrafficGuard
  • Filtered Data: All of your activity that is outside of your target audience based on the rules set up by TrafficGuard and the advertiser.
  • Success / Performance Data: All of your activity which is deemed as valid and legitimate by TrafficGuard

What is a transaction in TrafficGuard?

A transaction is an impression, click, install, conversion or an event.

Time Zones and Date-Range

Real-time dashboard access gives you an ability to set your preferred timezone and filter by your required date range. By default, the timezone is set to UTC and the range is set to last 7 days.

Filters and Grouping

TrafficGuard dashboards allow you to add dimension filters which remain persistent across all the reports and group similar data together to get a better understanding of your activity.
Each report has various filters and grouping options.

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Dashboard and reports

Reports help build actional intelligence in addressing ad frauds and budget impact over time.

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