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Filtered traffic dashboard


TrafficGuard can also block the attribution of installs from outside of your target audience so that you only pay for the traffic your campaign specifies. If you are running a campaign to get new app users in tier 1 geo, but a traffic partner sends you traffic from a cheaper, lower tier geo, filtering ensures that you don't pay for this non-compliant traffic. Traffic filtering is available to TrafficGuard Pro and Enterprise clients as a premium feature.


The Filtered traffic dashboard is only visible if you have Targeting filters enabled for your organisation. This is premium TrafficGuard feature.

Open the dashboard

  1. Open the TrafficGuard Portal
  2. If you are Agency user select the organisation you want to report on
  3. Go to FT from the side navigation

Understanding Filtered Traffic dashboard data

Events histogram

The top panel in your Filtered Traffic dashboard


  1. Use the Filters to narrow the data for all the tables on the dashboard
  2. Use the Date picker to edit date range and timezone here when required. Default date range is the Last 7 Days.
  3. Number of filtered installs over time represented represented by blue columns. Corresponds with the left-hand axis
  4. Number of filtered clicks over time represented by a dark grey line. Corresponds with the right-hand axis
  5. Number of filtered post-install events over time represented by green line. Corresponds with the left-hand axis
  6. Total filtered clicks for date period and invalid clicks as a percentage of valid clicks
  7. Total filtered installs for date period and invalid installs as a percentage of valid installs
  8. Total filtered post-install events for date period and invalid events as a percentage of valid events
  9. Estimated savings from filtered traffic and estimated savings as a percentage of total cost

Aggregated dimension table

  1. Dimension picker allowing you to view data by campaign, app, partner, sub-partner, site ID
  2. Export button allowing you to export table data and download CSV
  3. Table of all metrics associated with each record. Table is organised by Dimension selected using the Dimension picker

Aggregated filtered reason table

Filter the data you see in the dashboard

  1. Open the dashboard as shown above
  2. Below the title and above the chart are the filters. Click the buttons with the down arrow
  3. Select an option in the list
  4. Select a time range via the time range picker to the right of the filters

Export the data you see in the dashboard

You can export the table data and download to a CSV file.

  1. Open the dashboard as shown above
  2. (Optional) Filter the data
  3. Click the Export button above the table

You can only export the data viewable in the table. To export raw data please use the Transactional export report.

Filtered traffic dashboard

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