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TrafficGuard is the only solution blocking fraud before it hits your mobile advertising budget.

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Integrating with AppsFlyer


When adding an app to TrafficGuard you will need to configure the mobile measurement platform (MMP) so TrafficGuard can send click data to the MMP and authorise the the MMP to send us notifications for installs and events.


You need to be an Appsflyer customer and have the Appsflyer SDK installed in your app.

Secure token

  1. Open the TrafficGuard Portal
  2. If you are an Agency user, select the organisation to which you want to add the app
  3. Go to Settings from the side navigation
  4. Click Copy token

General setting

  1. Log into your AppsFlyer Dashboard
  2. Click on Integration
  3. Add your TrafficGuard Organisation ID and Secure Token copied from the TrafficGuard Dashboard into your AppsFlyer Dashboard

Default postback

  1. Select the option to send all installs including organic
  2. Select the option to send all rejected installs

In-App Events Postback

  1. Enable the in-app event postbacks
  2. Select the option to send all events including organic
  3. Add each event and map it to the corresponding Partner event id.
  4. Click Save

Add Appsflyer to your TrafficGuard app settings

  1. Open the TrafficGuard Portal
  2. Navigate to the App you want to configure
  3. Go to Settings from the side navigation
  4. Select Appsflyer from the MMP dropdown options
  5. TrafficGuard will automatically generate you AppsFlyer tracking links

What data will I see in Appsflyer?

Once you enable an integration with Appsflyer, TrafficGuard will automatically send all valid clicks to Appsflyer. In your Appsflyer dashboard you will see all the clicks that came from TrafficGuard under the pid "trafficguard_int"along with installs and in-app events attributed back to TrafficGuard. This will give you automatic segmentation for users acquired via TrafficGuard links.

TrafficGuard shares all of its click data, which will be automatically mapped to the following parameters in Appsflyer.

TrafficGuard Macro
Appsflyer Macro

















TrafficGuard advanced data


Cost data

Appsflyer supports user-level cost data

GDPR data

Appsflyer doesn't support user-level GDPR consent passing

Integrating with AppsFlyer

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