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Managing supply partners


The Integrated Partner List lets you manage active partners and discover new partners.

If you sign up as an ad network then you do not have to manage your supply partners.

Using the Integrated Partners List

  1. Open the TrafficGuard Portal
  2. If you are Agency user, select the organisation to which you want to add the property
  3. Go to Partners from the side navigation
  4. Select an property that you would like to see partners on
  5. Click on Integrated partners in the side navigation
  6. Use the filters :one+: to narrow your search down to the most suitable partners, or use the search bar :two+: to find a specific partner (diagram below)

Adding Partners to Properties

  1. Navigate to the partner set up by selecting the partner's name :three+: (above)
  2. Choose which post-install events you want to send to the partner and press the Save button. By default, the partner will be notified of each valid install they provide.
  3. Use the tabs to navigate to the Tracking Link section
  4. Input your campaign ID. If unspecified, a unique ID will be automatically assigned by TrafficGuard
  5. Select Copy the URL and provide to your traffic partner
  6. Use the tabs to navigate to the Permissions section
  7. Selecting this box will allow your partner to access reporting on invalid traffic to facilitate their optimisation processes

Managing supply partners

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