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TrafficGuard is the only solution blocking fraud before it hits your mobile advertising budget.

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The security and privacy of your account

TrafficGuard uses industry-standard SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology to protect every interaction you have with the TrafficGuard system. This technology protects your login, payment and other personal information.

Our commitment to you

As proponents of trust and transparency in digital advertising, TrafficGuard takes the privacy of clients and their end-users very seriously. As such, security, privacy and compliance aren’t retrofitted to TrafficGuard but engrained into every product feature and process that it encompasses.

Baked in

Security compliance and privacy are baked into every feature and process at TrafficGuard.

Security by design

  • Full identity and access control features as standard
  • Data is encrypted
  • TrafficGuard leverages Tier 1 cloud infrastructure

Compliance by design

  • Invalid-traffic mitigation built to MRC guidelines
  • TrafficGuard is compliant with GDPR requirements
  • Consent management implemented via IAB’s framework

Privacy by design

  • GDPR compliant privacy practices
  • Do-not-track privacy settings honoured

Tip to keep your account secure

To avoid unauthorised access, enable 2-step Verification on your TrafficGuard account

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The security and privacy of your account

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